DINAH TAYLOR



Having previously spent over 15 years as a floral designer within the wedding industry, Dinah can now be found enjoying time in her studio designing unique gifts and décor through the art of pyrography, ‘writing with fire’.

Having always been greatly influenced by the botanical world as well as being mindful and compassionate towards the environment, Dinah’s art pieces and collections are a true reflection of her love and passion towards the natural beauty she sees surrounding each and everyone of us.

Dinah’s ambition is to create artwork that is not only cherished and loved by all but artwork that can help create a moment, where one can feel present and connected to the here and now!




Based in the heart of Somerset, overlooking the Mendip Hills and Glastonbury Tor Dinah really is spoilt for choice for inspiration; from wild berry hedgerows to sweeping fields and apple orchards immediately on her doorstep Dinah and her husband Jerry, who is quite the handy man, can often be found sawing, sanding and prepping wood ready for the projects ahead, or either foraging for ideas together and enjoying the simplicity of rural life and it’s wild offerings.




Despite pyrography creating rich sepia effects and beautiful natural tones highlighted by the grain within the wood, Dinah also loves to experiment by adding splashes of colour within her designs, using a range of mediums from watercolours to dainty embellishments of gold leaf paint. Dinah’s past floristry experience is what she feels influences her love of incorporating colour, having spent years developing and earning a reputation for skill at blending natural shades and texture throughout her floral designs.




Always wanting to take care of the planet, Dinah tries her best to source wood locally and ethically; using reclaimed, and recycled wood at any given opportunity. The joy of living in the countryside, means she can make full use of fallen trees, discovered by local gardeners who are more than happy to offer her a branch or two! 


Dinah also promotes being vegan friendly, therefore all of her products and wood treatments are plant based and organic, she prides herself on striving with every effort, in making her eco footprint as small as possible by choosing packaging either recyclable, bio gradable, compostable or re-usable.  

All paints are non-toxic, water based and free from cadmium therefore reducing hazardous heavy metal and chemical waste being released into our environment.

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