• Dinah Taylor


Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I always love to incorporate seasonal flowers throughout my floral designs. Its the most fabulous way to capture the here and now and a wonderful way to embrace the beauty that surrounds us.

For me Spring is all about new beginnings. It makes me feel energised to see the new growth amongst hedgerows and to see the buds forming on trees ready for the blossom to bloom. Its a time where one see the first sign of colour return to the garden!

Capturing the essence of Spring through colour can be achieved beautifully by embracing a palette of pinks, creams, through to blues and purples shades. All of which look stunning and so pretty when incorporated within wedding flowers.

I find flowers to help compliment Spring perfectly are varieties such as narcissus, muscari, bluebells, hellebores, primrose and hyacinth too, all of which have the most beautiful scent!

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